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This unique and exclusive blend is Cruelty Free and 100% natural with organic ingredients. Free from THC, Paraben and sulphate.

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Our range of products can help with

Pain Relief

CBD and the ingredients in our range can help immensely with pain relief. With no nasty chemicals, it is an excellent alternative to medication.


With the addition of CBD to our products, and less pain. You can be free to relax and get a break from any pain or tension in your joints and muscles.

Skin Care

We have added some fantastic ingredients to make your skin feel nourished and needing for nothing. Our luxurious ingredients can help with so more than just pain.

About Us

Hi there. I'm Gifty Stratford, the sole owner and director of Gifted Hands Massage Limited and manufacturer of my company's two specialist products: Gifted Hands CBD Joint Pain Relief Cream and Gifted Hands CBD Muscle Balm.

I am so proud of the work that has gone into these products to help you feel more like yourself again. We have sourced some of the best products we can find and added CBD oil to help alleviate pain and sore muscles. We have designed these products to support various people, and we can't wait for you to try them for yourself.

If you would like to learn more, please read our 'About us page to find out everything you need to know. Or you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news.

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The star of our products is, of course, CBD oil, and we make sure that we use the best. Our CBD oil is free from THC and is added to help with pain, stress and inflammation. It helps to calm the area and can be used for a range of muscle-related issues. Ranging from muscle fatigue from a hard days work to chronic pain caused by many illnesses. CBD is an ingredient that is becoming more and more widely recognised for its massive range of benefits.


Coconut Oil

We use coconut oil for its many benefits to the skin. It can help to smooth and hydrated while adding an extra layer of protection. It can also help to calm redness and inflamed or irritated areas and is full of antioxidants, and of course, it smells fantastic as well!


Olive Oil

Olive oil is full of vitamin A, D, E and K, which could be beneficial for the skin. It is also a natural antibacterial and great for helping with scaring of the skin. So paired with the other oils we use, Olive Oil is a great addition and one we are sure you will love.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

What would we do without Avocados! They are natures gift that keeps on giving. We decided to use Avocado Oil because of its many benefits, such as its calming and healing properties. It is also natural protection from harmful U.V rays and can help to shield and replenish your skin.

Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter from Ghana

We are so proud of our Shea Butter; it comes from the same area of Ghana that our founder is from. It is Organic, pure, and so luxurious! We use this to help your skin with blemishes and scars; it can help to moisurise and reduce inflammation. It also has some fantastic Anti-aging and Anti-Free radical agents in it.