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About Us

About Us

Hi there. I am Gifty Stratford, the sole owner and director of Gifted Hands Massage Limited and manufacturer of my company’s two specialist products: Gifted Hands CBD Joint Pain Relief Cream and Gifted Hands CBD Muscle Balm. Thanks for dropping by my Shopify site.

In case you are wondering, I am originally from Ghana in West Africa but have been fully settled in the UK ever since 1997. For several years I worked in insurance, and funnily enough, it was thanks to my time at Lloyds Insurance in Bournemouth that my interest in massage first developed.

Working in a call centre usually means sitting at a desk for long hours at a time, and a few friends in my team would often complain of back and neck pains. Just to help them through the shift, I began giving them a rub on their backs, necks, and shoulders, doing this without any proper understanding of the techniques involved. Nevertheless, they loved it anyway. Soon, the requests for a ‘Gifty massage’ were coming in from all directions. 

It was then that I had my life-changing thought. If I really did have a natural aptitude for massage, then I might as well get professionally trained in the various techniques and be paid for my services. That sounded reasonable. So, in September 2015 I applied for a massage course at the Bournemouth and Poole College. That is how my career as a massage therapist began. I am now a fully qualified Level 4 Sports Therapist and currently the in-house Sports Massage Therapist both in an established Osteopath Clinic in Ferndown Dorset. I also hold regular weekly sessions at a sumptuous spa in a 5-star New Forest hotel and I'm fully trained in many different types of specialist massages including: Pregnancy, Fire Cupping, Indian head, Hot stone, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy and Swedish massage. 

So how did I branch out into manufacturing my own brand of massage cream/balm? Well, it all happened during the first lock down, April 2020, when most of us were unable to work and had lots of free time to ourselves. I hated being idle, so to keep busy I researched on all the creams and balms specifically targeting muscular or joint problems. Why? Because that is what my clients asked me about most of all. Mainly amongst their concerns they wanted a blend that was not harsh on the skin, suitable for all skin types, used daily, and easy to keep handy in a gym bag or handbag.

Working in spas helped me to develop my own brand of massage cream/balm because most spas typically use blends of essential oils for the overall wellbeing, but without targeting specifics. During my research I came across CBD oil and how amongst its numerous benefits it could help to relieve chronic pain and reduce inflammation. "Voila!!" That is how it all began!!

I decided that CBD would be my main ingredient in targeting joints, inflammation, and tired achy muscles. Using my knowledge of aromatherapy, I then specifically selected a variety of essential oils and extracts for a unique and organic blend that would complement the CBD, focusing much more on the benefits of the oils and extracts rather than simply the aroma. I am so proud of my blends, and best of all, they are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. What is more, the Shea-Butter used is sourced from my home country of GHANA. So that is yet another reason to feel good.

A great deal of time and thought has gone into creating and manufacturing these products, so I hope you will enjoy using them as much as I do. Both cream and balm are free from THC. I currently use them on all my clients, who are consistently enthusing about them. Every time I hear a new compliment it makes me even more glad that I set out on this rewarding path.

300mg of CBD in a 100ml pot is all you will need for your aching muscles and joints, and daily use of it works best of all. As a bonus, it smells nice and does not leave an oily residue on the skin. For maximum effect, just make sure you massage it well into the skin or joints and use consistently 2-3 times a day.

I will be listing the many benefits of the ingredients in blog posts, plus posting some massage videos to demonstrate various techniques. Stay tuned and happy shopping. Please use discounts available.